How to Become a Fashion Photographer

Are you thinking about becoming a Fashion Photographer?

You see them everywhere, in magazines, on the runway during “Fashion Week” around the world and in television commercials. They are the super slim women strutting their stuff or the extraordinary beauties with their amazing good looks wearing the latest styles from the top designers. Yes, we are talking about the top fashion models of today and tomorrow. They seem to be everywhere you look, but who brings these beauties to us? Their images are photographed with extreme care, patience and that special look for style, composition and lighting composition. I am talking about today’s fashion photographers. 

In the realm of fashion photographers today, my favorites are Annie Leibovitz and Melissa Rodwell and two very talented upcoming stars, Lindsay Adler and Lara Jade

With dreams of big paychecks and the glamorous lifestyle of rubbing shoulders with today’s rich and famous may be the dream of many a young aspiring photographer. This, however is not as easy to reach as you may think. The red carpet to the well-known fashion houses and magazines is not an easy road to take.

Here are some of my personal fashion photography tips:

Be prepared and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve from the shoot. From looking through the fashion magazines piled up in my office to tear sheets of makeup and hair styling ideas. Surround yourself with inspiring images to help you create the story or concept in your mind.

When photographing a fashion story or concept, I always put together a team of other professionals. These include hair stylists, makeup artists and wardrobe stylists. The team is there to help me achieve the images I have in mind and offering suggestions and input towards the photoshoot always brings the creative out in everyone. I never let anyone take over the final vision of the shoot, but the suggestions help tweak it to my final creation. 

Fashion photography is about, you guessed it. Fashion. It can be the trends of today in clothing, but don’t forget it could be jewelry and accessories as well. make sure the images are going to show the “fashion” in its best light. I call this the “hero” of the image. Use lighting techniques to show the material at its best. If you are photographing jewelry, then the glitter and shine of the stones would become the “hero”.

These few personal tips help keep my eye on the goal of creating images worthy of becoming editorial spreads in the top fashion magazines. 

Submitting to a magazine is only the first step onto that red carpet of the fashion houses and top magazines. Start with online magazines, like Papercut and Push It they have strict rules for submissions but will help you to learn skills that will eventually lead to greater rewards for example Vogue Magazine, GQ, Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair Magazine. Also your name as a photographer will gain traction in the world of fashion. Your work just may be seen by the right person at the right time.

Keep your work fresh and current, fashion changes very quickly and you need to stay informed on every seasons changes.

I hope this may help a few readers get excited about the world of fashion photography, it is a great way to pursue your creative side and be artistic at the same time. It may not be an easy road to glamour and living in the fast lane, but it is always an extremely exciting way to make photograper. 


Author: Marc C