Chasing The Light , A Sunset and After Dark Photoshoot.

Sunset Photoshoot in Muskoka

This past week I had a request to photograph an awesome young lady. The shoot was to help build her portfolio towards her school work, she is hoping for a career in the fashion and styling industry.  


7.30pm makeup starts, I help to go through the outfits she has brought. We piece together some and get a few great ideas. 

8 - 8.15pm, On the road to the location, I see the sun setting pretty quickly at this point and maybe went a wee bit over the speed limit to get there in time. 

8.30pm, Arrived at the location, quickly brought all the gear out and began eyeing up  the area for the first set of photographs to be taken.

8.45pm, Awesome light, great model, having fun. ( sun is dropping by the second ) 


9.10pm, Now the sun has said goodnight, but the light is still awesome. I ran to get some lights set-up because i know I am going to need them soon. ( easier to do before it became pitch black ) 

9.30pm, It's dark, very very dark. But now I see an awesome moon casting some amazing light across the lake. Still having fun and my model starts wading out into the lake. ( no fear ). Second outfit change, and time to get creative.  Using the strobe and slower shutter speeds, I  decided to try "dragging the shutter" . I think these next images are pretty cool, I love the movement and atmosphere they created.


9.45 - 10.15pm,  A few more outfit changes and a whole lot more fun, ( a tipped bench included ). These next images are totally lit from strobes trying to capture the different moods that can occur during the darkest of nights.


10.30pm, All safe at home and looking forward to the next time I get a late day start to have fun chasing the daylight.  

The lenses used for most of these images were the 85mm 1.8 and the 70-200mm 2.8. I was using a fairly high ISO near the beginning, around 600 to 1000. I used my go-to location lighting, which is the Alien Bees 800w strobe with a strip softbox. It is light and easy to transport and so easy to use. I think it gives great light when you need it.

Credits go to:  

Melissa West MUA 

Model: Montana